In the process of cleaning buildings we often have grey to black marks: The substance itself is metabolised by a fungi living in the porosity of the masonry substrate for the purpose of filtering light. It is a natural melamine. It is water soluble and further loses cohesion by photolyse – the influence of UV light. Metabolites are not alive and therefore out of scope for a biocide.

On a roof there is enough UV and water to predictably remove the black tile discolouration within a few weeks. The self cleansing process of black metabolites on concrete tiles is substantially complete in approximately 3 months after treatment with the biocide. This appears to be the time it takes the hyphae to metabolise enough carbon from the substrate to form a new opaque film of black melamine.

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On walls the black marks do not self clean: The Algoclear Cleaning Process requires use of a gel containing Sodium hypochlorite to dissolve them in a controlled manner. Black metabolites are removed with Metaclear.

MetaClear is a high adhesion gel of sufficient viscosity to stay where applied on vertical surfaces.

  • It does not penetrate render porosity and is active where needed – at the surface.

  • The gel prevents evaporation. This in turn stabilises the active surface concentration throughout the process and prevents odorant fumes.

  • It provides dwell time. This in turn gives a new flexibility in the sequencing of the works, particularly when applying from an aerial platform.

  • The gel lubricates the surface when brushed, limiting the risk of scuffing a fragile surface and provides detergency.

  • It has low odour and rinses readily.