Cleaning Roofs

Preparing roofs for treatment

Removing the excess growth: Many roofs are cleaned when the moss has become excessive. The bulky material is scraped off using a simple implement. Below 30° pitch and when the tiles are sound, this can be done by a trained roofer, pacing the roof itself. If the roof is too steep or fragile - period clay tiles for instance - the preparation is carried out from the eaves using bespoke telescopic tools.

The gutter outlets are protected against blockage beforehand. Tarpaulin is laid to receive the falling debris. If the moss balls are small and dispersed, they will fall naturally.

The Treatment

Spraying: The AlgoClear® Spraybox will mix the concentrate on demand, to the correct concentration. The pressure and flow rate of the system are designed to apply the treatment evenly and easily upon the roof surface.

Protection of the planted environment: The active ingredient can leave a discolouration at the point of contact with plant leaves and flowers. Early rinsing has good results but some protection may be needed, particularly in windy conditions. Grass, if affected will recover rapidly.

Courtesy of Elite Roofing



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